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Updating Your Wasabi Power HERO5 Battery

Wasabi Power

Thanks for choosing Wasabi Power for your GoPro HERO5 Black!

The most recent version of our HERO5 battery was released with the option to update the software in the battery itself.

No updates are necessary at this time.

Please keep the update cable
included with your purchase in case an update is necessary in the future. This will allow you to use Wasabi Power batteries with future firmware versions released by GoPro.

Below is a list of various models and compatible firmware versions:

      • Only works until v01.50. Contact us for support.

        • Only works until v01.50. Contact us for support.

            • Compatible with all firmware updates. No updates are required.

                • Compatible with v01.55 (2016-11-24).
                • Compatible with v01.57 (2017-02-05).
                • Compatible with v02.00 (2017-04-06).


                  If you choose, you can find previous HERO5 firmware versions here:


                  Please contact us if you have any problems or require assistance. Call our office in Pomona, CA at 877-268-1235 (PST) or email


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