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Wasabi Power Battery Charger for Samsung SLB-10A & SLB-11A

  • $13.99

This Wasabi Power battery charger replaces the original charger for the Samsung SLB-10A and SLB-11A batteries.
  • Mini rapid charger fully charges the battery in approximately 60-90 minutes
  • Foldable flat pin allows for compact and easy storage
  • Smart charging LED indicates when charging is complete and prevents battery from overcharging
  • CE Safety Certification and UL Listed; Meets or exceeds OEM standards
  • Includes universal 110-240V AC charger, European plug, and car adapter; 3-year manufacturer warranty
Compatible with the following models:
Samsung CL65
Samsung CL80
Samsung ES50
Samsung ES55
Samsung ES60
Samsung EX1
Samsung EX2F
Samsung HMX-U10
Samsung HMX-U20
Samsung HZ10W
Samsung HZ15W
Samsung HZ25W
Samsung HZ30W
Samsung HZ35W
Samsung HZ50W
Samsung IT100
Samsung L100
Samsung L110
Samsung L200
Samsung L210
Samsung L310W
Samsung M100
Samsung M110
Samsung M310W
Samsung NV9
Samsung P800
Samsung P1000
Samsung PL50
Samsung PL51
Samsung PL55
Samsung PL60
Samsung PL65
Samsung PL70
Samsung SL102
Samsung SL202
Samsung SL310
Samsung SL420
Samsung SL502
Samsung SL620
Samsung SL720
Samsung SL820
Samsung ST1000
Samsung ST5000
Samsung ST5500
Samsung TL9
Samsung TL240
Samsung TL320
Samsung TL350
Samsung TL500
Samsung WB150F
Samsung WB250F
Samsung WB350F
Samsung WB500
Samsung WB550
Samsung WB600
Samsung WB650
Samsung WB700
Samsung WB750
Samsung WB800F
Samsung WB850F
Samsung WB1000
Samsung WB1100
Samsung WB2000
Samsung WB2100

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