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Wasabi Power Dual Battery Charger for GoPro Hero3, Hero3+ and GoPro AHDBT-301, AHDBT-302, AHBBP-301, ACARC-001, AWALC-001 (with Car & US Plugs)

  • $11.99

This Wasabi Power dual battery charger allows you to charge two GoPro HERO3 or Hero3+ batteries at a time. Batteries are charged outside of the camera, using any USB power source.

GoPro ACARC-001 Auto Charger
GoPro AWALC-001 Wall Charger
GoPro AHBBP-301 Dual Battery Charger

Compatible with:
GoPro AHDBT-201
GoPro AHDBT-301
GoPro AHDBT-302
GoPro HD HERO3 White Edition
GoPro HD HERO3 Silver Edition
GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition
GoPro HD HERO3+ Silver Edition
GoPro HD HERO3+ Black Edition
Wasabi Power BTR-Hero3-JWP
Wasabi Power BTR-AHDBT302-JWP

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